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  • Remains one of the best selling trading card franchises in the world
  • Supported by the award winning TV show and Nintendo video games
  • Fans of all ages

Pokemon Booster Boxes & Collectors TinsPokemon Booster Boxes & Collectors Tins

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Trading Card ProtectionTrading Card Protection
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The Phenomenon

Based heavily on the videogame of the same name, the Pokemon Trading Card Game has taken on a huge following of its own. It's managed to attract fans of the original game as well as build up a strong userbase comprising of TCG fans both new and seasoned. A poke (no pun intended) around these very pages will reveal that one of the reasons The In Thing rose to success was because of the incredible popularity of the Pokemon Trading Card Game. Such is the power of the Pokemon franchise that today it is still one of our biggest sellers.

Satoshi Tajiri

Satoshi Tajiri the creator of the Pokemon games used to collect bugs and insects as a child. Occasionally he would fight them against his friends bugs. This passion for collecting, coupled with a longstanding love for computer games lead to him creating the first Pokemon Games under his company Game Freak.

A Little About Pokemon

Pokemon was released in 1995 on the Nintendo GameBoy; the most established and successful videogame console to date, the game was a huge success in Japan because it contained the most popular ingredients in Eastern video gaming. Here was a deceptively deep Role Playing Game that encouraged the social aspect of gaming, playing on the popular pastimes of collecting, and rewarding players for trading and battling Pokemon between two GameBoys.

The Pokemon Trading Card Game

With the collectable aspect and stat heavy nature of Pokemon, its translation into a Trading Card Game was only a matter of time. On October 20th 1996 the Pokemon trading card game was distributed in Japan and by March 1997, 3 million Pokemon games were sold. Pokemon TCG was quickly becoming a phenomenon. In his game, Satoshi Tajiri had shaped a world where monsters could be captured and then trained to fight against other monsters. Eventually getting its own TV series of the same name in April of 1997.The series which is still being made today was a huge hit in Japan, America and Europe

The Pokemon phenomenon has been one of the most profitable things ever. New games, cards, and merchandise are still being sold across the world, in many, many different languages. Its popularity is still a force to be reckoned with; and as new games are released with new gamers taking up the challenge, the Pokemon franchse still has the strength and staying power to take on those newcomers.

The benefits of stocking Trading Cards

CDU boxes mean that Pokemon boosters and decks can be located on the counter as an impulse buying product. The nature of trading cards is that extra cards will always be needed to complete sets and build customised decks. As booster packs are ‘blind packed’ the buyer is never sure what cards they have until the packet is opened, which provides a constant market for the TCG stockist. As well as constant media campaigns led by the game’s creators, countrywide tournaments also help to raise awareness and keep a thriving underground subculture alive.

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Yu-gi-oh! hidden arsenal 6 omega xyz booster box (24 count cdu) yu-gi-oh
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Yu-gi-oh! #48 judgment of the light deluxe edition yu-gi-oh
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