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Gelli Baff instructions

For best results when filling your bath or pool, follow these instructions carefully.

Goo making

  • Fill the bath with 40 litres of warm water or if using a paddling pool fill with 75 litres of warm water. Please use a jug to be sure you have the correct amount of water as bath sizes may vary.
  • For best results sprinkle the goo former (step 1) evenly over the surface of the bath (using 200g of goo former) or paddling pool (using 400g of goo former).
  • DO NOT stir the water just yet. Let the goo magically form for 2 minutes.
  • Stir the goo well, get in and have fun!

Goo dissolving

  • Add the goo dissolver (step 2), to the goo bath/paddling pool (it wonít dissolve instantly so give it a few minutes).
  • Mix in well and if desired, top up the water with some bubble bath to continue the fun!

Please note:

There will always be a very small amount of residue left when the goo has been dissolved, but donít worry as it will not clog the drains. You may wish to rinse/shower off any remaining residue. If using outside; donít empty waste Gelli Baff on to the grass, as it will become very slippery.

Filling your own pool with Gelli Baff?

We have created a pool calculator for you to work out exactly how many boxes you will require to fill your pool with fun. Just click the Pool Calculator link below to start your calculation

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