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Gelli Baff Launches in the US

The launch of Gelli Baff at the New York Toy fair was an extreme success.

After the success of Gelli Baff in Australia, The In Thing have now introduced this glorious gooey product to the Americans. Some were fascinated, some intrigued and others just confused.

Gelli Baff turns water into glorious goo and then turns it back into water again.....

It was such a fascination to the Americans that it was even featured on ABC News as part of ABC’s “Good Stuff at the Toy Fair” session. You can Click Here to see what appeared on American TV

Gelli Baff also baffled many bloggers on US websites wondering how this magical product actually worked.

To put it simply, you get 2 sachets in a box. Sprinkle the first one over a bath of water to turn it into the glorious goo and when the kids have splashed about enough use the second sachet to turn it back into water....

Give it a try and tell us what you think!
Added: 26th February 2010 13:17 by Sonia Naseem

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